BMG Heat Wrap




             BMG Heat Wrap is suitable for both automotive and industrial applications

Automotive performance applications:
  • Hoods, body panels, floorboards, fairings, fuel cells, engine room.
  • Use Wrap to clad exhausts and heaters to reduce under bonnet temperatures
  • Use Wrap on silencers to prevent radiant heat from entering the race car cockpit
  • Excellent for wrapping turbo pipes, header
  • Increases horsepower

     Industrial applications:
  • Use Wrap to clad all pipes that carry heat and reduce the radiant heat into the factory;
  • Use Wrap to clad all pipes bearing heated product which brings the product to the process at a higher temperature – saving energy on heating / reheating;
  • Use wrap on exhaust pipe applications and contain / expel the hot air from generators
  • Use Wrap for steam tracer lines and covering of tadpole tape and gaskets
  • Withstands 1100°C service temperatures and 1600°C intermittent temperatures
  • Manufactured from texturized fiberglass yarn;
  • Available in heat treated tan color; silicone rubber coated tape and laminated aluminum foil tape;
  • Strong and flexible;
  • 50 mm wide 15 m rolls
  • 1m x 1m sheet
  • Customized sizes                                                                                                       





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