Silicone Self-Fusing Tape


Self Fusing Tape
Working temperature:
Roll Length:
Blue,Black, Orange,Green ,Yellow and Transparent

   Product Description  
     Product Properties

  • Self-Fusing 
  • Creates a Permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in seconds 
  • Never gets gummy or sticky like electrical or duct tape - No messy cleanup! Resists Fuels, Oils,   Acids, 
    Solvents, Salt Water, Road Salt, UV Rays, Ozone, Abrasion
  • Works on any surface with dust, oil, fuel, chemicals or any shape any material 
  • Rescue and repair for emergencies 
  • Extremely versatile 
Product Directions
  1. Wrap around the object by stretching and overlapping onto itself by at least 30% elongation. For high pressure leaks, stretch to maximum, The tighter wrapped, the quicker and stronger bond.
  2. Continue wrapping around object by overlapping 50% onto itself so that half the width is covered with the next wrap. The first and last wrap should completely overlap onto the previous wrap for a complete bond.
  3. Additional layers may be necessary, and the same process should be used over the previous layer. It works on either side. Additional silicone tape can be applied over project at any time in the future.
  4. For high pressure leaks, additional wrapping may be required. Most hose repairs can be repaired with 3-5 layers in thickness, and wrapping 3 to 5 inches in each direction away from the leak. Additional strength can be added simply by wrapping more silicone tape.
  5. For electrical wiring, it is not necessary to stretch tightly. In fact, it will be more resilient to abrasion when it is not stretched as tightly.
Attn: *Be aware, the tape is self-fusing within seconds. It works on both sides.
- The PET film is to separate the silicone tape to avoid self bonding before application.
- When overlap the tape, make sure there's no dust, oil, water or chemical between different layers of the tape itself. However, it does not matter whether the surface or project to be wrapped over is clean or dirty.
- The tape can be cut with a knife or scissors, and will never leave any sticky residue behind when removed.
- For longer shelf life, please keep the tape in sealed conditions, particularly away from moisture, dirt,
air, extreme heat and extreme light. Stock properly, 2 years or more is guaranteed.
  • Pipes, lines, cables
  • Mulita-purpose usage
  • Increases friction for handlers, bars, grips
  • Seal leak of any pipe, plumbing, hose etc.
  • Used in boats, cars, marine, automotive, aircrafts
  • Used in house, gardens, indoor, outdoor, industries
  • Used for motors, electronics devices, home applications

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